Resignation of License

Members who do not intend to renew their license must complete the applicable form, confirming that they are resigning their license to practice in NL. Those who do not officially resign will be subject to a 15% reinstatement penalty should they wish to resume practice in NL in future.

If you would like to resign, please complete the Resignation Form for Individuals Licensed with PEGNL.

Non-Practicing Membership

An alternative to resigning a license is to become a non-practicing member of PEGNL. Non-practicing members are permitted to use the P. Eng. or P. Geo. designation with the applicable qualifier of ‘Non-Practicing’ or ‘Retired’ [ex: P. Eng.(Retired); P. Geo. (Non-Practicing)], along with other benefits such as having access to PEGNL sponsored insurance programs, receiving PEGNL communications, and participating in PEGNL events. Non-Practicing members pay a fee equivalent to 20% of a licensed member’s fee.

If you would like to apply to become a Non-Practicing or Retired member, please complete the Application to Become a Non-Practicing Member.