Regulations Review Consultation

PEGNL has conducted a review of the Engineering and Geoscience Regulations, 2011. One of the guiding documents of the organization, the Regulations set parameters for such things as registration, discipline and membership categories. PEGNL is proposing updates to the Regulations to better reflect current practices and to enable better alignment with the practices of our national partners. 

Prior to presenting these requested amendments to the government, we are conducting a multi-step consultation process with key stakeholders to inform them of the changes and receive their feedback.

As part of this consultation, PEGNL is giving members an opportunity to review the proposed changes and provide their feedback. The deadline for feedback is April 1. 

On January 25, PEGNL conducted an informational webinar on the proposed changes. A recording of the webinar is available HERE. There was a subsequent webinar that delved further into the permit-related changes. That webinar is available HERE.

In addition, below are two documents that outline the proposed changes:

- PDF markup of proposed Regulations edits

- Spreadsheet with itemized list of proposed changes

During the webinar, there were quite a few questions related to the Competency Based Assessment model. To learn more about the model, please click HERE.

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact Heather Appleby, P. Eng., Special Projects Manager for PEGNL by emailing