Professional Practice & Ethics Exam

As a prerequisite for registration in the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Newfoundland and Labrador, new graduates and other first-time applicants are required to successfully complete an examination on the topics of professional practice and ethics. Members-in-Training must have completed at least two years of the required four years of work experience to be eligible to write.

The computer-based NPPE is composed of 110 questions. The exam is 2.5 hours in duration. The exam is normally offered five (5) times per year.

Date and Location

  Date Time Location
PLEASE NOTE: Exam dates/times are not guaranteed due to exam site space availability.
  April 4 - 6 (Deadline to Register is February 19, 2022) TBD TBD
  June 6 - 8 (Deadline to Register is April 29, 2022) TBD TBD
  August 22 - 24 (Deadline to Register is June 30, 2022) TBD TBD
  November 7 - 9 (Deadline to Register is September 23, 2022) TBD TBD

NPPE Syllabus

Information regarding the latest NPPE syllabus can be found HERE.

Candidates should make themselves familiar with the NPPE syllabus before writing the exam.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel taking the exam up to four weeks (20 working days) prior to the exam administration date.

Cancellations made within four weeks (20 working days) of the exam administration date will not be refundable, candidates will be treated as no show/absent for the exam and the exam fee will be forfeited.

Required Study Materials

The required study material on which this examination is based, are listed on the attached registration form. These textbooks and documents may be purchased through PEGNL at cost price plus shipping and taxes. Alternatively, you may access the books through your local library or bookstore if available. The documents of Consumer and Corporate Affairs are available through Industry Canada’s website while the Engineers and Geoscientists Act, Regulations and Code of Ethics are available on PEGNL’s website.

Registration and Payment Information

Pre-registration is a definite requirement. All registration fees must be included with the registration form and returned to PEGNL no later than the date specified on the form. All taxes are included in costs. All fees are tax deductible. The examination outline and materials will be provided after pre-registration.

The Registration form includes the NPPE Candidate Guide (see below). Registrants are expected to read the information contained in the guide and will be asked to acknowledge they have done so as part of the registration process (Appendix Pg 2 of form).

Special Accommodations Request

If you require extra time or special accommodations, please indicate so on the NPPE registration Form. The request will be consider by the test provider.

Process for Emergency/Weather Situations on an Exam Day

If an extreme circumstance such as snow storms/flooding/fire occurs on an exam day, candidates will be immediately contacted by Yardstick to reschedule them to another exam day in the three day administration session. If the extreme circumstance occurs on the last day of the exam session, due to tight timelines to process the exam results any candidates that are unable to take the exam past the morning after the last day of exams, will be deferred without penalty to the next session. Exam sessions will not be extended to accommodate candidates for extreme circumstances.

Registration Form 

Please note: Questions from candidates regarding their booking should be directed to Yardstick at:  If a candidate does not receive a booking confirmation email 3-4 weeks prior to the exam administration date they should contact Yardstick at this email address to request a booking confirmation email. For a sample confirmation email, click here.

Rewrite Policy

Please note, there are special conditions related to exam takers who wish to rewrite the exam after not passing a previous exam. Per the PEGNL Registration Guideline: After three (3) failures on the National Professional Practice & Ethics Exam the candidate must wait 12 months to rewrite.  Any subsequent failures thereafter, the candidate is required to wait 12 months before writing the exam again.

NPPE Online Practice Test

An optional online NPPE practice test is available for applicants to take to prepare for the NPPE. The practice test can be taken by anyone, anywhere in the world, simply by going to the NPPE practice test website (, signing up for an account, and purchasing the practice test for $50. Associations can advertise this link to their applicants to help them prepare for the NPPE. Individuals who may be interested in coming to Canada to pursue a career in engineering or geoscience may also take the practice test abroad.

Internet Explorer cannot be used to access the practice test site, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers will work fine. An additional practice test was released in December 2015 for a total of two 50 question practice tests available.

The practice tests are composed of 50 retired questions that have appeared on previous NPP Examinations. As time goes on more practice tests will be available to applicants as older items are retired from the NPPE bank.