September 2007

Members in the News 

Paul Alexander, P.Eng. has been appointed Assistant Deputy Minister [Marine Services], Department of Transportation and Works.

In a presentation at the recent NOIA Conference, Wayne Chipman, P.Eng., Manager, Resource Management, Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board, outlined the decline in annual production rates, starting in 2010, for the province's three producing fields.

Mel Dean, P.Eng. is site manager at the Abitibi-Consolidated mill where demolition of some of the buildings is underway. He says the environmental remediation and re-vegetation at the site will go ahead in 2008.

Ian Edwards, P.Eng. has been awarded the inaugural David Thompson Geomatics National Contribution to Society Award for his participation and vision in the development of LandGazette, a web-enabled geo-database. The Association of Canada Lands Surveyors sponsors these Awards.

Newfoundland and Labrador plans spending $45 million on replacing transmission lines, poles and other equipment. Jim Haynes, P.Eng., Vice President, Regulated Operations, says many of Hydro's most important assets are 30-40 years old and need replacing.

In July 2007, 48 gifted high school students were in the province to participate in the Shad Valley science/engineering/entrepreneurship camp. Leonard Lye, P.Eng., is a civil engineering professor at Memorial and also Shad Valley's provincial program director.

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper has been carrying out test burns of peat moss to determine its suitability as an alternate fuel source. David MacDonald, P.Eng., Manager, Power and Energy, says he expects a final report will be presented to the government after the next series of burns.

Tropical storm Chantal caused millions of dollars worth of damage after 90-200 mm of rain fell in nine hours in eastern Newfoundland, in early August. Paul Mackey, P.Eng., Director, St. John's Public Works Department, said damage in the city was mostly confined to flooded basements and some washed out road shoulders. In the Placentia and Conception Bay North areas, however, the storm destroyed roads, bridges and culverts. Cluney Mercer, P.Eng., Assistant Deputy Minister, Transportation and Works, said that in many cases, the damaged infrastructure was aging. The amount of Chantal's rainfall is double that which provincial roads and bridges are designed to withstand.

The provincial government has extended the Port au Port lease for the Canadian Imperial Venture Corporation (CIVC). Steve Millan, P.Geo. is the chairman and CEO of CIVC.

Bluedrop Performance Learning has been named one of the top 20 companies to work for in Atlantic Canada, by Progress Magazine. Emad Rizkalla, P.Eng. is Bluedrop's CEO.

Don Stevens, P.Eng. has been appointed General Manager, Commercial Processing Plant, Voisey's Bay Nickel Company (VBNC). Prior to this appointment, he was Manager of VBNC's Hydromet Demonstation Plant.

A section of Water Street in St. John's is being dug up to install water main and sewer pipe for the new city waste-water treatment plant. Scott Winsor, P.Eng., construction engineer with the City, says this may be the biggest and most complex water and sewer project ever carried out on the Island of Newfoundlamd.

Permittee Jacques Whitford has been awarded Shell Canada Products' Vendor Excellence Recognition Award for its work in environmental engineering services.

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