September 2007

PEGNL Report

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As you will note from other articles in this Dialogue, PEGNL recently received reports on two surveys: one of PEGNL members and the other of PEGNL stakeholders. The results of both surveys are very positive for all: Council, PEGNL and engineers and geoscientists. Be sure to review the full reports on the PEGNL website.

While the surveys' feedback was positive there was some food-for-thought and need for follow up on PEGNL's part. The next item is a case in point.

Secondary Liability Protection 

According to the results of our 2007 member survey, 72% of respondents were unaware that PEGNL provides secondary liability insurance to all members.

PEGNL has provided this protection to members for several years. The cost of the premiums is covered by PEGNL and members are not billed for the annual premiums of $10.00 per person.

Click here to view the Certificate of Insurance and read the Question and Answer document, and refer to www.pegnl.ca for information on other member benefits.

Hebron MOU is Good News 

PEGNL Council and, I presume, all members are pleased that the government and industry partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] to develop the Hebron field.

The Hebron project is important to the sustained growth of petroleum-related expertise for engineers and geoscientists and for the continued development of other engineering and geoscience related businesses.

When negotiations ceased in 2006, PEGNL wrote to both the Premier and the President of the operator, Chevron Canada, encouraging them to return to the negotiating table because we believe that it is important to maintain the momentum in the oil and gas industry which has been built over recent years.

The provincial oil and gas industry has become a viable and productive industry and the three previous offshore developments have been important in developing our expertise in engineering and geoscience.

We have congratulated the government and the partners in reaching this MOU by writing to Premier Williams and James Bates of Chevron immediately following this announcement. We now look forward to the day when the formal detailed agreements are executed and project sanction is announced.

Minister of Transportation & Works 

As part of PEGNL's ongoing practice of linking with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, President Myers, Vice President Benson and the Executive Director recently met with Honorable John Hickey, Minister of Transportation and Works.

Several departmental officials also attended the meeting which was cordial and very informative.

The meeting served to brief the Minister and the Department on PEGNL issues and to permit PEGNL representatives to meet him and learn of the departmental priorities.

There were a number of key issues raised by PEGNL during the meeting. They were: 

  • The safety of Newfoundland Highways (bridges, structures and pavement)
  • PEGNL Joint Board of Practice with Newfoundland Association of Architects
  • The Practice of Naval Architecture
  • Adoption of the National Building Code by Government
  • Planned Revisions to the Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Act.

Council's policy is to link with government departments which influence the practice of engineering and geoscience or which employ or engage our professional members. With the upcoming provincial election and probable changes in ministerial portfolios, it is likely that this process will be accelerated in coming months.

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