Professional Development

All professional members are required to complete eighty (80) hours of professional development (PD) annually.

Professional development activities must be reported on-line, through the member portal found here, and must follow PEGNL's Continuing Professional Development Requirements for Engineers and Geoscientists (available through the link below) which include a minimum of two (2) profession development hours under the category of Ethical Practice. PEGNL’s CPD program establishes minimum benchmarks of effort.

Professional Development Requirements

PEGNL's Continuing Professional Development Requirements for Engineers and Geoscientists can be found here.

Online Professional Development Offerings

PEGNL's Online Ethics Course for Members

Please click the title above or here to access the online ethics training course through the member’s portal. The link will bring you to the login page where you can find and complete the module. The online ethics course can be completed annually and once completed members may print a certificate for their professional development hours.

Building Climate Resilience

Multiple online modules were developed for Incorporating Climate Change into Public Infrastructure Planning and Design based on a workshop conducted in 2018 and are available free by clicking the above title or here. You will be required to set up and account by providing an email and creating a password.

The modules aim to increase professionals understanding of climate change in Newfoundland and Labrador covering:

  • The legal, policy, scientific and ethical imperative and rationale for action to integrate climate considerations into design and construction of infrastructure and planning;  
  • The basics of climate change science, how the province is being impacted by climate change, and the implications for infrastructure;
  • How climate change information is produced, and how to apply it to planning and design practices; and
  • Existing tools and resources are available to support their work, including resources developed specifically for Newfoundland and Labrador.

 This is part of a 3-year, collaborative projected on Building Climate Resilience, with Memorial University, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Newfoundland and Labrador, Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador and Engineers Canada. This project is also supported by funding from Natural Resources Canada.

Professional Development from econext

econext offers many professional development opportunities available through their website. Click here or on the title above to review available opportunities.

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs)

Numerous on-line professional development courses are available through various MOOC offerings. Click the links below to access availability: