PEGNL Awards

Award of Merit

  • Award Description
  • Recipients:
    2019 Leonard Lye, P. Eng., FEC
    2018 Dawn Evans-Lamswood, P. Geo., Earl Ludlow, P. Eng.
    2017 Fred Cahill, P. Eng.; Gerry Squires, P. Geo.
    2016 Sean O'Brien, P. Geo.; Darlene Whalen, P. Eng, FEC
    2015 Peter Dimmell, P. Geo., FGC; Gary Follett, P. Eng., FEC
    2014 Dr. Richard Wardle, P. Geo.; Max Ruelokke, FEC. P. Eng.
    2013 Dr. Elliott Burden, P. Geo.; Neil Windsor, P. Eng., FEC
    2012 Robert Kelly, P. Geo.; Byron R. Dawe, P. Eng.
    2011 Dr. Brian O'Brien, P. Geo.
    2010 Susan H. Richter, P. Eng.; Dr. Derek H.C. Wilton, P. Geo.; Arthur A. Cheeseman, P. Eng.
    2009 Tony Dawe, P. Eng., FEC; Baxter Kean, P. Geo., FGC
    2008 Dr. J. Thurlow, P. Geo.; Dr. Axel Meisen, P. Eng.
    2006 Thomas G. Whelan, P. Eng.; Steven Millan, P. Geo., FGC
    2005 Dr. Jeremy Hall, P. Geo., FGC
    2004 Dr. John (Jack) Clark, P. Eng.
    2003 Gordon MacDonald, P. Eng.; Gregory Lever, P. Eng.; Dr. James Wright, P.Geo.
    2000 Thomas Kierans, P. Eng.
    1999 Dr. Hugh Miller, P. Geo., FGC; R. Frank Davis, P. Eng., FEC
    1998 George Desbarats, P. Eng.; John Fleming, P. Geo., FGC; Frederick Vivian, P. Eng.; Rex Parsons, P. Eng., FEC
    1997 Dr. Mahmoud Haddara, P. Eng.
    1996 David Collett, P. Eng.; Dr. James Sharp, P. Eng.; Frank Grant, P. Eng., FEC
    1995 Gordon W. Butler, P. Eng., FEC; Eric Swanson, P. Geo.; Peter Young, P. Eng., FEC
    1994 Dr. Azizur Rahman, P. Eng.; Ernest A. Langins, P. Eng.
    1993 Don Wilson, P. Eng.
    1992 John M.C. Facey, P. Eng.
    1991 Eric Jerrett, P. Eng., FEC; Dr. Rex Gibbons, P. Geo., FGC
    1990 George N. Cater, P. Eng., FEC
    1989 Roy Myers, P. Eng.
    1988 Roy Murley, P. Eng.
    1987 Anthony Brait, P. Eng.
    1986 G. Ross Peters, P. Eng., FEC
    1985 John G. Evans, P. Eng., FEC; Wallace Read, P. Eng.
    1984 Robert A. Robertson, P. Eng.; Kevin St. George, P. Eng.
    1983 Howard Dyer, P. Eng., FEC; Harold Lundrigan, P. Eng.
    1980 Angus A. Bruneau, P. Eng.
    1979 Clarence W. Powell, P. Eng.; George P. Hobbs, P. Eng.
    1978 C. Harry Conroy, P. Eng.
    1977 Ernest Dickinson, P. Eng.; Stanley Carew, P. Eng.; John B. Angel, P. Eng.

Honorary Membership

  • Award Description
  • Recipients:

    2018 Dr. Glyn George
    2017 Allan Cramm
    2016 Brian Dalton
    2015 Leslie Grattan
    2013 Bevin LeDrew, M.Sc.
    2012 Charles Cullum, PP/FRAIC, Hon FAIA
    2011 Chesley Penney, C.M.
    2008 Dr. Arthur King, FGC
    2006 Halcum Stanley
    2003 Rudolf Wasmier
    2002 Dr. Paul Johnson, FGC
    1999 Judith Whittick; Carolyn Emerson
    1998 Harvey Weir
    1997 John McNeill
    1996 Jim Cooper
    1995 William Legge
    1993 Clarence Randell; Vince Withers; John Power

Award for Service

  • Award Description
  • Recipients:
    2019 Bill Hunt, P. Eng., FEC
    2018 Dr. Andrew Kerr, P. Geo., Dr. Dennis peters, P. Eng., FEC
    2017 Lori Hogan, P. Eng.; Patrick O'Neill, P. Geo.
    2016 Sherry Dunsworth, P. Geo.; Dr. Leonard Lye, P. Eng., FEC
    2015 Darryl Benson, P. Eng., FEC
    2014 Larry Hicks, P. Geo.
    2013 Dr. Abigail Steel, P. Eng., FEC; Ken Andrews, P. Geo.
    2012 Derrick R. (Dick) Myers, FEC, P. Eng.
    2011 Peter Lester, P. Eng.; Steve McLean, FEC, P. Eng.; Edward G. Robinson, FEC, P. Eng.
    2010 Gordon Jin, P. Eng., FEC
    2009 James P. Hinchey, P. Geo.
    2008 Richard F. Goosney, P. Eng., FEC
    2006 Sean O'Brien, P. Geo.
    2005 Susan A. Scott, P. Geo., FGC
    2004 Ingrid Clarke, P. Eng., FEC
    2003 Peter Dimmell, P. Geo., FGC; Allen Steeves, P. Eng.
    2002 Geoffrey Emberley, P. Eng., FEC
    2001 Sam Banfield, P. Eng., FEC
    2000 Darlene Whalen, P. Eng., FEC
    1998 Peter Nell, P. Eng., FEC; Roger Angel, P. Eng., FEC; Dr. Peter Smith, P. Eng.
    1997 Dr. Hugh Miller, P. Geo., FGC
    1996 John Fahey, P. Eng., FEC; Don Finch, P. Eng., FEC; Gary Follett, P. Eng., FEC
    1995 Rick Gosse, P. Eng., FEC; Doug Goodridge, P. Eng., FEC; Gerry Suek, P. Eng., FEC
    1994 Heber Bowering, P. Eng.
    1993 Howard Dyer, P. Eng., FEC
    1991 Doug Squires, P. Eng., FEC

Environmental Award

The Environmental Award recognizes the application of science, technology and engineering to human and resource environmental management in Newfoundland and Labrador. Its purpose is to emphasize the use of science, technology, and modern organization techniques by the engineering profession and others to protect and enhance the environment.

  • Recipients:
    2019 Indian Bay Ecosystem
    2018 C-Core and Water Resources Management Division, Dept. of Municipal Affairs and Environment, Government of NL
    2017 Nalcor Energy
    2016 Stantec & Town of Torbay
    2015 Central Regional Service Board
    2014 Suncor Energy Sevices Inc
    2013 Sikumiut Environmental Management Ltd.
    2012 East Port Properties Ltd. & Stantec Consulting Ltd.
    2011 Newfoundland & Labrador Department of Environment and Conservation
    2010 Abydoz Environmental Inc., Town of Appleton & Town of Glenwood
    2009 Iron Ore Company of Canada (IOC)
    2008 Green Bay Waste Management Authority
    2006 Government of Newfoundland & Labrador, Dept. of Transportation & Works - Design & Construction Division "LEED-Compliant Corner Brook Long-Term Care Facility"
    2004 Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro & AMEC Earth & Environmental Limited
    2003 Johnson Geo Centre
    2001 Metal World Inc.; Department of National Defense and Serco Environmental Services
    2000 Newfoundland Power
    1999 North Atlantic Refinery Limited
    1998 Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd.; Iron Ore Company of Canada
    1997 Public Works & Government Services Canada
    1996 NewTel Communications Ltd.
    1995 Hibernia Management & Development Company Ltd.
    1994 Royal Oak Mines Ltd.

Early Accomplishment Award

  • Award Description
  • Recipients:

    2018 Jeff Card, P. Eng., FEC, Dr. Richard Wright, P. Geo.
    2015 Lee Bennett, P. Eng.; Chad Fisher, P. Eng.; Jason Strickland, P. Eng.
    2013 Dr. Stephen Piercey, P. Geo.
    2012 Dr. S. Lawrence Winter, P. Geo.; Dr. David Murrin, P. Eng.
    2011 Dr. Alana Hinchey, P. Geo.; Freeman Ralph, P. Eng.
    2010 Dr. John G. Hinchey, P. Geo.
    2006 Rodney Hale, P. Eng.; Patricia LeFeuvre, P. Eng.; John Guzzwell, P. Eng.
    2003 Sean Ryan, P. Eng.
    2000 Peter Reid, P. Eng.
    1999 Miguel Pazos, P. Eng.
    1998 Dr. Raymond Gosine, P. Eng., FEC
    1997 Dr. Daniel Walker, P. Eng.
    1996 David Newbury, P. Eng.; Emad Rizalla, P. Eng.; Anthony Whalen, P. Eng.

Community Service Award

  • Award Description
  • Recipients:
    2019 Mona El-Tahan, P. Eng.
    2018 Kim Keating, P. Eng.
    2017 Darlene Sparklin-Reid, P. Eng.
    2015 Colin Janes, P. Eng., FEC; Rod Churchill, P. Geo.
    2014 Dr. Leonard Lye, P. Eng., FEC; Richard Tiller, P. Eng., FEC
    2012 R. Frank Davis, P. Eng., FEC
    2011 Earl Ludlow, P. Eng.
    2008 R. Keith O'Neill, P. Eng.
    2006 Derrick I. Spracklin, P. Eng.
    2005 O. Keith Wellon, P. Eng.
    2003 Gary Follett, P. Eng., FEC
    2002 Dr. W. Lawson Dickson, P. Geo.; Peter J. Halliday, P. Eng.
    2001 Robert G. Scott, P. Eng., FEC
    1999 William Newton, P. Eng., FEC
    1998 John Neville, P. Eng.
    1997 Kevin St. George, P. Eng.; Roger Flood, P. Eng.
    1996 Neil Windsor, P. Eng., FEC; Terence Goodyear, P. Eng., FEC

Teaching Award

  • Award Description
  • Recipients:

    2018 Dr. Weimin Huang, P. Eng.
    2017 Rajendra Jani, P. Eng.
    2016 Dr. Wei Qiu, P. Eng.
    2015 Dr. Graham Layne, P. Geo.; Dr. Geoff Rideout, P. Eng.
    2014 Dr. John Hanchar, P. Geo.; Dr. Amy Chuan-Yi Hsiao, P. Eng.
    2013 John Cross, P. Eng.
    2012 Dr. Eric W. Gill, P. Eng.
    2011 Dr. Dennis Peters, FEC, P. Eng.; Dr. Stephen Piercey, P. Geo.
    2007 Dr. Amgad A. Hussein, P. Eng.
    2004 Dr. Derek Wilton, P. Geo.
    2003 Dr. R. Seshadri, P. Eng.
    2002 Dr. Elliott Burden, P. Geo.
    2001 Leonard Lye, P. Eng., FEC; Hesham Marzouk, P.Eng.
    2000 Neil Bose, P. Eng.
    1999 Johannes Molgaard, P. Eng.; Michael Bruce-Lockhart, P. Eng.

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