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Acts and Regulations

The following is a non-comprehensive guide of Federal and Provincial environmental-associated acts and regulations that might affect work undertaken by engineers and geoscientists in Newfoundland and Labrador. The responsible professional is expected to discuss relevant regulations with the regulating bodies for any project.

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  • St. John’s
  • St. John’s By-Laws
    • Anti-Litter By-Law
    • Commercial Maintenance By-Law
    • Parks By-Law
    • Removal of Private Service Lateral By-Law
    • Rural Sanitation By-Law
    • Sanitation Regulations
    • Water Meter By-Law
    • Water Pollution By-Law
  • St. John’s Policy
    • Development Regulations
    • Development Checklist
    • Northeast Avalon Regional plan
    • Private Wells and Sewage Disposal Systems
    • Stormwater Detention Policy
    • St. John’s Municipal Plan 2003
    • Reports and Studies – Rennies River Stormwater Management Study
  • Mount Pearl
  • Mount Pearl Planning
    • Landscaping Guidelines
  • Mount Pearl Environmental Initiatives
    • Water Conservation Order
    • Water Conservation Regulations
    • Storm Water Management
    • Energy Management Control System
  • Corner Brook
  • Corner Brook By-Laws
    • Anti Litter Regulations
    • Driveway Culverts Regulations
    • Parks Regulations
    • Tree By-Law
    • Watershed protection Regulations
    • Water and Sewerage Regulations