Bridge Building

Grades 7 to 9 Bridge Building Competition

All Junior High School Science Classes (Grades 7 - 9) throughout Newfoundland and Labrador are invited to participate in the Annual Model Bridge Competition sponsored by PEGNL. The objective is to design and construct the strongest model bridge, in accordance with the following rules, using only popsicle sticks and white glue. Each bridge will be judged by a panel of practicing civil engineers for quality of construction and application of engineering principles and then each bridge will be tested to destruction. Students can participate individually or in teams - the maximum being 4 students per team.


Prizes will be awarded to the student or team in each Chapter (Eastern, Central, Western and Labrador) constructing the strongest bridge as follows:

Regional Prizes:

  • 1st Place - $200
  • 2nd Place - $150
  • 3rd Place - $100

    Provincial Prizes:
  • 1st Place – Nintendo Switch or $500
  • 2nd Place – Bose Soundlink Colour II Splashproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker or $200
  • 3rd Place – Skullcandy Uproar On-Ear Sound Isolating Wireless Headphones or $100

    In addition, the school sponsoring the winning bridge (provincial winners), will receive prizes as follows:
  • 1st Place - $500
  • 2nd Place - $250
  • 3rd Place - $100

  • For further information, please call 753.7714; (fax) 753.6131 or


    To register for the competition click on this link for the Registration Form


    Click here for complete rules for the Bridge Building Competition.

    Bridge Making Tips

    Click here for tips on how to build your bridge.

    Bridge Day Presentation

    Click on link to view a video.

    Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)

    1. Can tongue depressors, stir sticks, etc. be used to build the bridge?
    No, popsicle sticks only.

    2. Can I use wood glue, glue sticks, etc?
    No, only white school glue.

    3. Can I cut the popsicle sticks?

    4. Can I paint my bridge?

    5. Will I get my bridge back?
    Bridges broken at the Geo Centre: Yes, you can claim your bridge within one hour from when it is broken. For bridge days in other region please check with the volunteers in that region.

    6. Do I have to be there when my bridge is broken?
    No. Please note that it takes a while to break all the bridges, your bridge may be broken later in the day.

    7. My school isn't participating, can I still participate?
    Yes! Just fill out a registration form and send it in, then show up with your bridge on Bridge Day!

    8. Will there be other activities during bridge day?
    This depends on the region. Please check the schedule of events for your area

    9. Do I have to pay for entry to the GeoCentre?
    No, admission to the centre is free all day (9:30am-5:00pm). Admission to the 3D theatre is at regular cost.