professional excellence. public trust.

Professional Engineers and Geoscientists Newfoundland & Labrador (PEGNL) is an organization whose mandate is to regulate the practice of engineering and geoscience in the public interest, as outlined in the Engineers and Geoscientists Act (2008) of Newfoundland and Labrador. PEGNL exists so that there will be competent and ethical practice of engineering and geoscience in Newfoundland and Labrador, and to ensure public confidence in, sustainability, and stewardship of the professions.

Professional excellence is born from a sense of accomplishment. It is about the pursuit of achieving excellence. Public trust is born from confidence that those practicing these professions are qualified, competent, and ethical. Professional excellence helps instill public trust. Public trust helps instill professional excellence. One strengthens the other and PEGNL reinforces this symbiotic relationship.

Professional Excellence. Public Trust. PEGNL


2016 PEGNL Board of Directors Election

There are fourteen members of the Board of Directors; nine elected professional members, two ex-officio non-voting members, and three public representatives appointed by the Minister of Service NL.

For 2016-2017 eleven of the current members of the Board will continue their terms, while three new members will be added as a result of this election.

Three positions are to be filled in this election: one Chair-Elect and two non-executive Directors.

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